• A.H. Riise the famous and award winning rum with a pure taste of history

    This exclusive rum brand has been created as a celebration to one of the most significant and entrepreneurial Danes; Pharmacist and Councilor A.H. Riise. He lived and worked in the former Danish West Indies in the period 1838 to 1878.

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  • Humphrey Taylor London Dry Gin

    Founded in 1770, The company was awarded Gold Medals at the Great International Exhibitions in London in 1851 & 1862, and the Festival of the Empire Exhibition in 1911.

    Today distilled at the Thames Distillery in the heart of the city of London by Master Distiller Charles Maxwell, Awarded with the 2015 IWSC Trophy, for the Worlds Best Gin.

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  • Santos Dumont

    This excellent rum is named in honor of Alberto Santos Dumont ( 20th July 1873 – 23th July 1932 ) Who was a world famous aviation pioneer, noble man, celebrity and style icon. He was the heir of a wealthy family of coffee and sugar cane producers.

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  • Tranquebar Colonial Gin 1616

    Tranquebar Colonial Gin dates back to 1616 from the Danish colony “Tranquebar” in India. Here inspiration was found for the new version of the traditional “genever” drink, which was made using exotic Indian spices. Tranquebar Colonial Gin is based on this original recipe.

    Just as in the 16th century, Tranquebar Gin continues to be distilled in Holland, today in Schiedam, which is known as the genever, or jenever capital of Holland.

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